FIRST Badges Privacy Policy

FIRST Badges is part of FIRST in Michigan, a 501(c)3 organization. FiM is not an educational entity, and does not receive any state or federal education funding.

Privacy Practices:

1. is secured via SSL encryption.

2. collects and maintains the following data on participants:

      First Name
      Last Name
      Email address
      Year of Graduation
      FRC Team Affiliation

3.  Site administrators will use data provided by team mentors to review and award participant achievements.  Site administrators will access the site via secure networks and use secure passwords.  A list of all site administrators can be requested using the Contact Form.

4.  Reports provided to FIRST in Michigan are communicated in aggregate numbers, de-identifying the individual user data.

5.  For Level 3 and 4 portfolio submissions, data is collected to identify a unique participants and is provided by the participant upon registration to the portal.

6. FIRST Badges system is designed to serve participants ages 13-18, who are active members of a FRC Team.

7. Participants earning achievements control the public display of the achievement data through the Credly portal.

8. Participation with FIRST Badges is not required to join or participate with a FIRST Robotics Team.

9.  Participant data will not be sold.