FIRST Badges is a collaborative effort of a group of FRC mentors in Michigan.   The project uses Credly and the Open Badges concept.

The badges reviewed and awarded by members of the FIRST Badges development team.  Students/Participants work in partnership with their FRC team mentors to complete the badge tasks.

Mentors recommend students./participants for Level 1 and Level 2 achievements.

Level 3 and 4 achievements represent deeper learning. These badges  are earned using a digital portfolio submission and review process.


Students can display earned badges via Credly. Digital or “open” badges contain information useful to students and future employers.

The badges are designed to demonstrate a progression of skills through a particular domain.  The progression has 4 levels, corresponding to actions learners can prove.  The development team used the current revisions to Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Level 1 – Remembering/Understanding

Level 2 – Understanding/Applying

Level 3 – Applying/Analyzing

Level 4 – Creating/ Evaluating


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