CAD 2017 Level 2

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Computer Aided Design (CAD) is the use of computers to create, analyze and document a design.  These processes are valuable in understanding how parts of a robot work together and in the manufacturing of the parts to build a robot.

This Level 2 badge is designed to introduce participants CAD processes. To earn the badge, participants must complete all tasks.  Any CAD software program, such as Solidworks, Autodesk Inventor or PTC Creo.  Teams should consult the FIRST Resource Library for the current list of supported products and links for licensing and installation.

It is highly recommended that participants earn the CAD Level 1 badge prior to working on the CAD Level 2 badge.

Mentors will certify the participant knowledge using the downloadable rubric.

Competency Description Number
Import robot parts from STEP files. Include the following:  Origin, what they mean, used for common parts and catalog items and where to retrieve. CA2.1
Mate 3 EXISTING parts constraining 6 degrees of freedom CA2.2
Mate 1 object on the surface using conincident / align CA2.3
Demonstrate 1 mate on center of circle (concentric) CA2.4
Set part properties for both material and units CA2.5
Find total weight using CAD software and center of gravity on an FRC robot subsystem. CA2.6
Create an assembly drawing with complete parts list and report in a BOM (Bill of Materials) table CA2.7

FIRST Badges are designed to meet the 21st Century student outcomes which identify the knowledge, skills and expertise needed to succeed in work and life.  Participants working on this badge will utilize and extend their skills in these areas: 

Learning and Innovation Skills: Think Creatively

Learning and Innovation Skills:  Implement Innovations

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving: Use Systems Thinking

Information Literacy: Access and Evaluate Information

Information Literacy: Use and Manage Information

Information, Communications and Technology: Apply Technology Effectively