Communication 2016 Level 4

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Communication is essential to meeting team goals.  In the Level 4 Communications Badge, the participant will demonstrate mastery of the media channels and mentor others to make progress to enhance the team’s communication goals.

This badge is organized into 4 topics. To earn the badge, participants will assume a leadership position related to communications and document outcomes. Participants must successfully complete all items in each topic and create a portfolio submission documenting all items.

Portfolios will be evaluated by experienced FRC adult members using a rubric-based evaluation tool.  Participants will receive feedback if any portion needs to have more detail or evidence.  The participant can compile new evidence and have the portfolio re-evaluated.

After earning this badge, the participant can choose to display the badge on the Open Badges infrastructure including the portfolio information.

Foundations of Communication

Task: Take a leadership role for own team or another FIRST program team related to communications. In this leadership role, assist the team in determining their communication goals and current strategies. Assist the team in creating a communication plan.
Use the following questions as a guide.

  • Who creates the communications?
  • What are the goals of the communication?
  • What is the target audience?
  • When is the communication published?
  • What frequency is the communication published?
  • What are the results/outcomes of the communication?
  • What resources are available?

Communications / Media Productions

Task: Assist the team in creating quality communications aligned with team goals. The deliverable items for the portfolio should include a wide variety of published items, demonstrating leadership and include attribution.

Engage and Participate

Task: Collaborate with other FIRST teams to create quality shared media across 2 communication channels. The deliverable item(s) for the portfolio should include attribution and positively reflect FIRST values.

Public Speaking

Task: Provide leadership to mentor other participants to prepare and deliver effective presentations.  The portfolio deliverable should include evidence of improvement or change.
Examples of Effective Communication Techniques

  • Voice – is the communication loud enough, but not too loud?
  • Mannerisms – do the presenter’s movement add or detract from the message?
  • Time – is the presentation within the expected time?
  • Message – is the presenter prepared and enthusiastic about the presentation topic?