Electronics Level 2

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The Electronics Level 2 badge is designed for participants to extend their knowledge about the wiring, sensors, schematics, motors, motor controllers, control system components and power used in the FIRST Robotics Competition.

This badge is organized into 6 topics. To earn the badge, participants must successfully complete all items in each topic.

Mentors will certify the participant knowledge using the downloadable rubric.


Solder wires appropriately.
Apply heat shrink to soldered wires.
Label wires according to team standards.


Describe the expected behavior of a specific sensor and how it can be applied to a robot function.


Follow a schematic wiring diagram to trace a circuit.

Motors/Motor Controllers

Wire a motor to a robot subsystem using team’s standard operating practices.
Wire a motor controller to the motor and power distribution panel for a robot subsystem using team’s standard operation procedures.

Control System

Wire / Connect at least 1 component of the control system to another component of the control system.
Explain how PWM and CAN communication methods differ.
Identify and use the correct tool to insert and remove wires on control system components.


Explain the components of lead acid, alkaline and nickel-metal hydride batteries
Explain why lead acid, alkaline and nickel-metal hydride batteries can or cannot be recharged
Identify relationship between voltage and current.
Identify how resistance is measured.