Engineering Design Level 3

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The Engineering Design Level 3 badge is designed to expand the participants knowledge of the engineering design process. In the Level 3 badge, the emphasis is on iteration and multiple loops through the engineering design process.

To earn this badge, participants will assemble an engineering notebook/portfolio and upload for review.  To guide the portfolio, participants should provide evidence of their choosing for each of the items below. The Mentor Resource page has a portfolio template.

Portfolios will be evaluated by experienced FRC adult members using a rubric-based evaluation tool.  Participants will receive feedback if any portion needs to have more detail or evidence.  The participant can compile new evidence and have the portfolio re-evaluated.

After earning this badge, the participant can choose to display the badge on the Open Badges infrastructure including the portfolio information.

Identify Challenge

Identify robot components/operations that may exceed size/weight requirements


Given a design challenge, the participant applies all steps in the design process including cross steps returning to previous steps.


Given a design challenge, the participant develops multiple ideas with more detail.

Concept Analysis

Describes each motion of the robot and confirms it will not exceed any robot restrictions.


Calculate forces/speeds needed in robot motions to complete tasks.


Demonstrate an understanding of gears and gear ratios.