Engineering Design Level 4

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The Engineering Design Level 4 badge is designed as a culmination of the Engineering Design process related to the FIRST Robotics Competition. Participants completing this badge will have demonstrated design skills and an understanding of the engineering design process.

To earn this badge, participants will assemble an engineering notebook/portfolio and upload for review.  To guide the portfolio, participants should provide evidence of their choosing for each of the items below.

Portfolios will be evaluated by experienced FRC adult members using a rubric-based evaluation tool.  Participants will receive feedback if any portion needs to have more detail or evidence.  The participant can compile new evidence and have the portfolio re-evaluated.

After earning this badge, the participant can choose to display the badge on the Open Badges infrastructure including the portfolio information.

Identify Challenge

Given a design challenge, the participant will design a robot subsystem to meet the challenge. The design may not include robot components/operations that may violate additional rules, eg. violating the perimeter of another robot, damage game pieces, etc.


Given a design challenge, the participant applies all steps in the design process including many cross steps returning to previous steps eg. making a prototype of a brainstorm leads to new brainstorming.  The portfolio reflects the final work as well as the iterated designs.


Given a design challenge, the participant fully develops multiple (more than four ideas) themes with a wide variation.

Concept Analysis

Using the robot subsystem and the designs developed in previous steps, the participants explains how motions of the robot will be physically possible and not conflict with each other.


Using the selected robot subsystem, calculate torque and speed of motor/air cylinder needed, with any mechanisms for mechanical advantage, to accomplish tasks.


Using the selected robot subsystem, determine gears/sprockets/etc. needed to go from motor speed/torque to the force/speed needed to accomplish tasks.