Q. Does a participant have to earn the badges in order?

    A. For the 2015-16 school year, participants can choose any level.  It is recommended a participant complete a Level 3 badge before attempting a Level 4 badge.


Q.Students on my team have earned a Level 1 and Level 2 badge based on their previous year participation.  Can they earn the badges based on this previous year participation or do they have to “start over”?

    A. Using the information from the FRC year associated with Recycle Rush is acceptable.


Q. Can a participant earn more than 1 level of a badge in a year?

    A. Yes.

Q.  How does this work?

    A.  Short answer : Have a mentor register for an account, pick a badge and complete the tasks.  Mentor will request the badge credit with their FIRST Badges account.  Participant will get a badge icon with unique data via email. Participant can create a Mozilla backpack account and display the badge icon.
      Long answer :

see this PDF document

     for more details

Updated January 6, 2016