FIRST Badges began in September 2014 with representation from 8 Michigan FRC teams. The Michigan Department of Education provided collaboration tools and best practices alignments.

The development team worked to create the FIRST Badges system with broad requirements. These requirements use local team activities, guided by FRC team mentors.

Challenges faced by the team include:

1. Build and competition season – Each of the development team members currently lead FRC teams.

2.  Content creation – Badge requirements are not specific to a particular team or local practice(s).

3.  Student Data and Privacy – the digital badge system uses student provided email addresses.  The team worked through long discussions on collecting student data.  View the Privacy Policy for FIRST Badges.

4.  Open Badges is a new concept. The team spent time benchmarking other organizations currently awarding digital badge achievements.

5.  Significant achievement – Digital badges are awarded in many organizations with varying levels of engagements.  FIRST Badges should represent achievable challenges for participants.

Development Team Members:

    1. Julia Green, Team 33
    2. Andrew Spiece, Team 68
    3. Debbie May, Team 1023
    4. Dale Quattrin, Team 2959
    5. Tom Ochs, Team 3618
  • Content contributors
    • FRC Team 33, 67, 68, 245, 1023, 2959 and 3618.

Resources to learn more:

Open Badges Mozilla Backpack