In the Level 1 and Level 2 badges, a team mentor determines if the participant / student has satisfied the requirements. For Level 3 and Level 4 badges, a volunteer badge reviewer is used to determine if the participant has met the criteria.

To become a volunteer badge reviewer, a person must meet these requirements:
1. Have a minimum of 2 years of FIRST experience as a mentor, volunteer or coach.
2. Have professional or educational background in the domain.
Professional background is at least 5 years of employment in the domain. Educational background is an earned 4 year college degree in the domain.

Volunteer Badge Reviewers are expected to:
1. Sign a privacy agreement and pass FIRST volunteer or mentor Youth Protection Program screening.
2. Complete a sample screening scoring within the scoring parameters.
3. Register as a FIRST Badges Reviewer in no more than 2 domains.
4. Participate in annual badge content reviews.
5. Complete portfolio reviews in a timely manner. Portfolio reviews should be completed in less than 14 days May-December and in less than 21 days January – April.

It is anticipated a volunteer badge reviewer will spend about an hour a week reviewing submissions.

To apply to be a volunteer badge reviewer, please fill in this form: