Taking FIRST to new levels

Engineering Design Supplemental Materials

UNDERSTAND (Read the Rules)

The first step is to understand what the problem is.  What problem are we trying to solve?


DEFINE (Strategize)

Define the problem.  List specifications — functional requirements and design constraints.


IDEATE (Brainstorm)

Brainstorm potential solutions to the problem.  List many ideas..


EXPLORE (Prototype)

Do research.  Prototype.  Test out the potential solutions “in real life”.  Learn as much about them as you can.  Help refine specifications from the “DEFINE” phase.


CHOOSE (Design Review/Consensus)

Based on the lessons learned during prototyping — choose which solution(s) will be implemented.


REFINE (Detail)

Detail out the solution(s) and prepare for implementation.  Fully CAD, complete BOM, etc…



Build it.


TEST (Drive)

Try the implemented solution.  See how it works


ITERATE (Troubleshoot)

Use the lessons learned during testing to improve your solution.  Start over as needed.  Jump backwards.  Jump forwards.  Don’t be afraid to repeat and improve.