Machining 2017 Level 2

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Machining is a set of various processes where raw material is shaped using tools and machines. This Level 2 badge is designed to extend the knowledge from level 1 for participants. This badge is organized into 4 topics. To earn the badge, participants must successfully complete all items in each topic.

Mentors will certify the participant knowledge using the downloadable rubric.

Competency Description Number
Teach team safety rules to new members and help them meet any team requirements to safely and properly use tools. MA2.1
Recognize when threading is reversed. MA2.2
Choose appropriate nut/bolt/screw (diameter and thread) for a specific use MA2.3
List common power tools and explain limitations on their use. MA2.4
Explain torque and how to measure it. MA2.5
Use calipers and micrometers to accurately measure both size of objects and positions to drill holes MA2.6
Lay out holes with calipers/micrometers and drill using drill press. MA2.7
Determine correct tap for a given application. MA2.8
Precisely cut pieces measured with a precision measuring tool. MA2.8