Machining 2017 Level 4

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Machining is a set of various processes where raw material is shaped using tools and machines. This Level 4 badge is designed to extend experiences in basic machining.

Participants earn credit by creating a portfolio of evidence for each of the tasks below.

This badge is organized into tasks. To earn the badge, participants must successfully complete all items, collect evidence of their work and upload the evidence in the portfolio system.

Competency Description Number
Determine best tool size, rotation rate, and feed rate for a given part and grade of aluminum MA4.1
Using a manual mill – machine a part with interior pockets or cutouts MA4.2
Using a manual mill – machine a part requiring multiple tools (face, turn, drill, thread, etc) MA4.3
Using a manual lathe – machine a part requiring multiple tools. MA4.4
Using a part designed in CAD, use CAM software to create code and machine the part on a CNC machine. MA4.5
Machine an assembly requiring multiple holes to align for assembly to operate (ie. jointed arm) MA4.6
Write G&M codes to machine a part using a CNC machine MA4.7