Participation & Leadership Level 2

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In the Participation & Leadership Level 2 badge, participants contribute to the team business functions and expand their knowledge of safety, foundations of FIRST, and building robots and strategy.

This badge is organized into 4 topics. To earn the Level 2 Participation & Leadership Badge, participants must successfully complete all items in each topic.

Mentors will certify the participant knowledge using the downloadable rubric.

Team Information

Participate and contribute to a team business function (sponsors, demonstrations, presentations to community or school, recruitment).


Prepare and deliver presentation on shop safety to new team members
Review the team safety plan for the build space and the competition
Know and demonstrate basic first aid practices and techniques
Use safety glasses in shop and competition area (pit and field) without reminders

Foundations of FIRST

In addition to Level 1 participation, actively participate in 60 hours of the FRC build season OR 60 hours of active participation in the FRC offseason related to FIRST (workshops, training, competitions, demonstrations, outreach).
Provide evidence to a team mentor of a personal or team example of coopertition.
Provide evidence to a team mentor of a personal or team example of gracious professionalism.
Provide expertise or training to a team or students in another FIRST program (Jr.FLL, FLL, FTC).
Provide expertise or training to students on another FRC team.
Know the basic requirements for a submitting an award such as the Chairman’s Award, Dean’s List Award nomination, Woodie Flowers award nomination, Entrepreneurship Award or Global Innovation Award.
Attend 2 FRC competitions after earning the Level 1 badge.

Team Robot and Strategy

Describe all methods of scoring points and actions that assign penalties in the current game
Describe the prohibited actions that result in a yellow card and/or red card for the current game.
Map a strategy to earn the maximum number of points given the team’s robot and ideal functionality
Describe the function of a mechanism or appendage
Watch another FRC robot and describe how it would be compatible/not compatible as an alliance partner
Contribute to the robot build or parts fabrication