Participation & Leadership Level 3

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In the Participation & Leadership Level 3 badge, participants shift their focus to leadership activities.

To earn this badge, participants will assemble a portfolio of evidence of their leadership work and upload for review.  To guide the portfolio, participants should provide evidence of their choosing for each of the four items below.

Portfolios will be evaluated by experienced FRC adult members using a rubric-based evaluation tool.  Participants will receive feedback if any portion needs to have more detail or evidence.  The participant can compile new evidence and have the portfolio re-evaluated.

After earning this badge, the participant can choose to display the badge on the Open Badges infrastructure including the portfolio information.

Team Information

Lead a business function from planning to completion (sponsor presentation, outreach activity, recruitment drive, etc) with mentor assistance.


Provide feedback to team members on safety presentations they delivered for the Level 2 badge.
Review, and if necessary, update a component of the team safety plan with a team mentor’s input.
At competitions, ensure all team members use safe lifting techniques to transport robot, pit equipment or team supplies

Foundations of FIRST

Attend an FRC competition not counted in a Level 1 or Level 2 badge
Teach or present the concept of gracious professionalism to an audience of the participant’s choice.
Teach or present the concept of coopertition to an audience of the participant’s choice.


With mentor input, select an area of the participant’s choice and provide significant leadership.  Areas can include, but are not limited to, robot design, fabrication, build process, sub-system responsibility, scouting, award submissions.