Participation & Leadership Level 1

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A common understanding and clear team goals are keys to any team’s success.  In the Participation & Leadership Level 1 badge, participants learn about their own team history, demonstrate knowledge of the foundations of FIRST, learn safety practices and recognize how FIRST robots work.

This badge is organized into 4 topics. To earn the Level 1 Participation & Leadership Badge, participants must successfully complete all items in each topic.

Mentors will certify the participant knowledge using the downloadable rubric.

Team Information

Identify how the team communicates internally.
Identify how the team communicates externally.
Know basic team history (how long the team has been participating, etc.)
Know the team name and number, and team sponsors
Identify how the team is funded.


Demonstrate proper lifting techniques.
Demonstrate how to turn the robot on and off.
Describe how energy is stored and released in the team robot.
Name 3 behaviors that are prohibited in the pit area.
Identify the required attire to be in the field area.
Demonstrate proper use of safety glasses in the shop.
Identify proper attire and dress expectations while working in a shop setting
Explain and apply safety procedures for common shop tools.
Explain how to safety store batteries and how to react in the case of a battery spill or leak.
Explain how to safely store materials in the team shop.
Know the location of the first aid kit

Foundations of FIRST

Actively participate for 60 hours in build season
Attend 2 competitve FIRST FRC Events; can stretch multiple years
Describe the concept of coopertition and give an example
Describe the concept of Gracious Professionalism and give an example.
Describe the basic definition of FRC
Describe who Dean Kamen is and why FRC is important
Describe who Woodie Flowers is and what his contribution is to FIRST

Team Robot

Describe how to locate the rules of the robot competition
Name 3 design constraints (size, weight, etc.) of the robot.
Describe the desired function of the team’s robot.
Describe a strategy that the team will use or have used.
Describe how the mechanisms and appendages work on the team robot.
Identify and describe parts of the robot and how they work together.
At a competition, watch a robot from another team that works differently and describe how it functions.