Participation & Leadership Level 4

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In the Participation & Leadership Level 4 badge, participants demonstrate significant leadership for their team.  This leadership is not required as a formal leadership position on the team, but the work is significant in attaining a meaningful and measurable FIRST team goal.

Portfolios will be evaluated by experienced FRC adult members using a rubric-based evaluation tool.  Participants will receive feedback if any portion needs to have more detail or evidence.  The participant can compile new evidence and have the portfolio re-evaluated.

After earning this badge, the participant can choose to display the badge on the Open Badges infrastructure including the portfolio information.

Participants will create a portfolio submission with the minimum requirements listed below.

Team Goal – Identification of a meaningful team goal with a measurable outcome.
Gap Analysis – Identify the gap between the current status and the desired, measurable outcome.
Process – Identify and provide details of the processes, activities, training or other activities used to attain the measurable goal outcome.
Analysis – Provide an analysis of the success or failure of the processes.
Evaluation – Was the desired threshold of the measurable outcome attained?  Provide evidence of how the threshold was measured.