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Safety 2018 Level 4

The Safety Badge Level 4 is designed to encourage leadership in the safety practices and processes for a FIRST team in the build space and at competitions.

The badge is assessed via a portfolio submission. See each subtopic for the number of items to complete.

Competency Description Number
Select 1 of the following:
Create a safety manual for your team. Create and deliver a presentation to the team on at least 3 new or updated safety practices. SA4.1a
Find three examples of industry safety manuals and benchmark the safety practices described with the team’s current safety manual. Create documentation and implement 3 new safety practices based on the research. SA4.1b
Select 1 of the following:
Make a MSDS binder or a SDS binder (if one does not exist) for everything in the build area or pit area. Present to the team why the binder is needed, where it will be located, how to read it, and why it is important to have this binder. Make a plan to keep the binder current and easily accessible by team members. SA4.2a
Create an interpretation manual for your MSDS binder including explanation of common hazards and how to deal with them. Include instructions to safely dispose of shop materials. SA4.2b
Select 1 of the following:
Create a summary of your incident reports for the past three years. analyze the data and develop plans on preventing the injury from happening again. SA4.3a
Observe shop or other team operations for approximately 25 hours and identify incidents, near misses, and generally unsafe practices (including those which may result in injury). Write a log of your observations. Create and implement a process to modify the practices to resolve at least 3 behaviors or habits. SA4.3b
Create a plan to accommodate / adjust current safety practices to meet needs of participants with special needs (sound, light, access, etc). Identify the modified safety practices and detail the accommodations/ adjustments. SA4.3c
Community Safety Outreach: Plan and deliver an event to inform the community about safety and safe practices. SA4.3d

Mentor Resources:
In progress

21 Century Skills used in this badge:
Learning and Innovation Skills – Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Learning and Innovation Skills – Communication and Collaboration
Information Media and Technology Skills – Information Literacy
Life and Career Skills – Initiative and Self Direction
Core Subjects – Health Literacy

Note:  The FIRST Badges Development Team recognizes the significant work and contributions from FRC Team 4381, the Twisted Devils. Their examples and work were instrumental in the development of this Safety Badge series.b

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